I view psychotherapy as a journey towards a gratifying state of mental health, which generally includes experiencing harmony in close relationships and meaningfulness in life. Most psychological problems, like anxiety and a wide variety of depressive symptoms, stem from the troubles in the above mentioned aspects of life. The cornerstone of psychotherapy is the client’s feeling of safety. I contribute to the development of such feelings by giving full attention to my clients, authentically caring about them as a human beings and by accepting them thoroughly as they are “here and now“. I enjoy using techniques based on mindfulness and help clients to restore a connection to their bodies.

Crisis intervention

Has anything unexpected or serious recently happened to you? (a loss of someone dear, divorce, break-up, disease etc.). I would gladly provide you with steady support in such situations.


I would be happy to help you make the “right decision“ (To break-up or not? Where to go with my career? etc.). Sometimes it is truly helpful to get feedback from a person with an outside perspective, or simply look together at what´s hidden within.


About me


2012 – 2017 Training in dynamic psychotherapy (600 hours)
2007 – 2015 Psychology – Charles University in Prague (Master‘s degree)
2015 – 2016 Crisis intervention training (150 hours)

Work experience:
2020 – now Psychologist: Psychosomatic Clininc Roseta
2019 – now Psychologist: Fokus, Mladá Boleslav
2016 – 2018 Head of psychology department – Centrum Paraple o.p.s
2016 – now Private counselling and therapy
2015 School counselor


Psychotherapy, counselling, crisis intervention
1,500 CZK